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Soho Vocal Tuition

Expert vocal coaching from some of London's finest singing teachers


Soho Vocal Tuition

Expert vocal coaching from some of London's finest singing teachers

welcome to soho vocal tuition

Home to some of London's top vocal coaches, each of whom have taught at London's most prestigious contemporary music and singing academies, as well as being trained in the world-renowned 'Speech Level Singing' vocal technique.  Our teachers have also worked with and helped some of the best singers in the industry, from signed recording artists, West End stars, as well as countless beginners.

We work with...

  • PROFESSIONAL recording artists and stage performers, who need help for recording sessions, tours, auditions or the rigours of nightly performance

  • INTERMEDIATE or SEMI-PRO singers wanting to find their 'true voice', or just take it to the next level by improving technique or adding style or emotion

  • BEGINNERS wanting to learn the basics and allow their voice to come out and enjoy singing

Would You Like To...

  • Control your pitch or tone better

  • Increase your vocal strength or reduce 'breathiness'

  • Sing in an effortless and relaxed way

  • Improve your breathing technique (or 'support') and general posture

  • Remove vocal cracks or tension, especially on high notes

  • Find your 'mix' or 'middle' voice

  • Increase your range

  • Prepare for an audition or recording session

  • Add style to a song, and deliver it with passion and emotion

  • Learn microphone technique

  • Get help with music school auditions

  • Discuss your future career

vocal booth studio 1.jpg

World-Class vocal Coaching

World-Class vocal Coaching

What Makes Us Different ?

Ed and Anna are trained in the world-renowned 'Speech Level Singing' vocal technique, which is one of the most highly regarded vocal techniques in the world and is used by singers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Prince, Liza Minelli and over 120 Grammy Award winners.  

We will not change your own unique vocal style or strengths (...unless you ask us to).  If you want the rasp or the crack, you can keep it.  Our aim is to give you control, and make you sound like you never even needed a lesson.

We can teach any voice.  We understand how the voice works anatomically - the science behind the art.  You only need to learn a fraction to progress.  In fact, four words: larynx, vocal-cords, resonance, breath.  Done.

We don't just give you exercises that worked for our voice.  We're trained to work with every kind of voice - male or female, big or small - and have many years of experience working with each.  

We work with you in a similar way to how a personal trainer or sports coach might.  We exercise and strengthen your vocal muscles using better or stronger coordination so you can make an easier, more resonant (i.e. better sounding) sound.

We identify your strengths and weaknesses through discussion and a special diagnostic scale. We use tailored exercises to help target and improve your weaknesses.  Some teachers either disguise them or avoid them.

We teach by cause and effect. If you are breathy, we give you a vocal exercise to increase your vocal cord closure, so you leak air less and without you squeezing.  If you cannot 'place' the sound into your 'masque', we give you an exercise that helps you find that place.

We don't use strange or abstract teaching concepts (unless you're familiar with them!) - e.g. 'place the sound further forward'...'imagine you have a penny clenched between your buttocks'.  This kind of thing can get a little weird and confusing!

Singing cannot be done with brute force.  It needs coordination and control before applying strength and power.  (Unless you sing in a punk band!)  Taking singing lessons is more like hitting a ball from the 'sweet spot' of your voice, rather than giving it a massive 'whack' and hoping for the best.

Professionally-trained singers in their own right, Ed and Anna are also some of the most experienced teachers.  They each teach around 1,500 lessons, every year.  They are expert singers who studied the art and science of teaching.  Not all singing teachers do this - some teachers can only sing well but not teach well.

Ed and Anna operate independently as separate businesses, so your lesson booking and payment is made with your chosen teacher via the Booking section of this website.

Having lessons with Ed and can’t express how great he is. Really well structured lessons and amazing understanding of how the voice works.
— Spencer Moran, singer/actor
I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.
— Lisbee Stainton, singer-songwriter, first unsigned singer to play the O2


The Studios

The Studios

The Studios

Right in the heart of Soho, London's artistic hub, the main studio used to be known as the famous 'Berwick Street Studios' (now called D/A Studios), which saw the likes of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, The Sex Pistols, The Chemical Brothers and The Specials.

Berwick Street is also on the front cover for Oasis's second album '(What's The Story) Morning Glory'.