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Welcome to Soho Vocal Tuition.  The premier vocal studio for singing lessons in London.

Founded by some of London's top vocal coaches, each of whom have worked with some of the best singers in the industry, from West End stars to signed label artists, as well as countless beginners.

All four of our vocal coaches have been trained and certified in the world renowned 'Speech Level Singing' vocal technique, which is one of the most highly regarded vocal techniques in the world and is used by singers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Liza Minelli and over 120 Grammy Award winners.




Would you like to:

  • Sing in an effortless and relaxed way?
  • Remove any breaks or tension in your voice, especially when going for high notes?
  • Control your pitch or tone more accurately?
  • Increase your vocal strength, or reduce unwanted 'breathiness'?
  • Increase your vocal range?
  • Prepare for an audition or recording session?
  • Add style to a song and deliver it with passion and emotion?

What level are you?

  • A beginner wanting to learn the basics and allow their natural voice to come out.
  • An intermediate/semi-pro singer wanting to find your 'true voice' or just take it to the next level.
  • A professional singer, needing help for upcoming recording or tour.


What makes us at Soho Vocal Tuition different?

  • We are all trained in a proper vocal pedagogy/method, the world-renowned Speech Level Singing (SLS) developed by L.A. vocal maestro Seth Riggs.
  • We identify your specific strengths and weaknesses through discussion and a special diagnostic scale.
  • We use specific exercises and scales to help target and improve your weaknesses, rather than just avoiding or disguising them.
  • We tailor-make the lesson for your voice.  We do not just give you exercises that just work for our  voice!  This means we can work with any voice - male or female, big or small.
  • We will not change your own unique vocal strengths or style (unless you ask us to!).
  • We don't use weird or abstract teaching concepts - e.g. 'place the sound further forward', 'sing as if you have a penny clenched between your buttocks!'
  • We teach by cause and effect - e.g. if you are breathy, we give you a vocal exercise to increase your vocal cord closure without you squeezing; if you cannot 'place' the sound into your 'masque', we give you an exercise that helps you find that place.


Online lessons also available via SkypeGet Skype